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    UR5FCM Log version 3.0.59 beta

  • - The option of autofilling of fields of the logbook
  •   (the Menu is added: Make Reports - > Load Awards fields from references (User Awards))
  •   (only for diplomas where the second field callsign), for example, HSC, DMC, etc.
  • - Error are corrected at saving QSO, the statistics was updated incorrectly
  • - From this version support VF-SOFT RAC Callbook (from RW6HS) is entered
  • - The design of the main window is changed in part
  • - Window Info window is removed(cleaned) - now in a mode of competitions it is info is displayed instead of
  •   Statistics on DXCC (Tab "DXCC" of the main window)
  • - Adjustments of path to callbooks are moved on Tab "Callbooks"
  • - It is created by the menu "Callbooks"

    UR5FCM Log version 3.0.27 beta

  •  Adjustments for work in contest's are changed.
  •   The opportunity has appeared more precisely and flexibly to adjust actually any test;
  •  Mistakes of the program are corrected at it's unloading (if there will be new mistakes  inform me on Śmail);
  •  The statistics under various diplomas is changed
  •  The opportunity to add new user diplomas (DBF)  Diplom's database file's is added;
  •  The opportunity to make final statistics under diplomas in various criteria has appeared;
  •  The graphic statistics of a Log by various criteria is added;
  •  The opportunity of a seal of reports is added etc.
  •  The opportunity of sending of a Log in ADIF on eQSL.cc a site directly from the program is added;
  •  The design of the basic window is changed. The field for SWL's ("worked with:" is added:)  
  •  The opportunity of a Print of a Log by various criteria has appeared
  •  The window (New Full Grid Log Window)  viewing of all Log in a tabulared mode, as well editing of records is added;
  •  Function of the "Mouse WHEEL" is added:  moving on records and change of a step of a grid of frequencies;  
  •  The design of the program is adjusted;
  •  New windows for work in Contest's (Available Mult's and QSO);
  •  It is planned in the following versions addition in real time of display of statistics on DXCC;
  •  The mistake of setting frequency —ņ“ is corrected at the first start of the program;
  •  The old database awards.mdb is deleted;
  •  The separate database for QSL Buro Addresses and Managers qslmanager.mdb is created...


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